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Quartz Heaters – How Quartz Heating Works

The process of heating an object by radiative heat transfer is known as infrared heating. Infrrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a frequency below visible light. An electric heating element produces the heat and light from the infrared energy spectrum, which is subsequently transferred to the target object. William Herschel discovered infrared heat […]

What is a Halogen Heater- Types, Risks, Running Cost | 2021

A Halogen heater is a heater that uses the halogen element within its heating bulb and lamp. The halogen gas present in this lamp increases the brightness of the lamp and boost its efficiency.  The device works when plugged into electric current. Unlike other heating appliances that use conductors or heating rods, halogen heaters use halogen gas to […]

Best Halogen Heaters- All You Need To Know

When it comes to energy-efficient space heaters, there is hardly anything that can beat halogen heaters. Besides being energy-efficient, there are many other benefits of Halogen heaters. There are various models of this device in the market that are cost-efficient, easy to use and perfect for cold temperatures. If you are wondering about the best […]

Kennel Heaters

Kennels can be a challenging place to heat. They tend to be weakly insulated and as such, most heating solutions struggle to cope. However, kennel heaters are perfect for the job. They keep cats, dogs, and other animals warm and safe through the cold weather. The perfect dog house should be cool in the summer […]

Dangers of Cooking with Halogen Heat – Risks, Safety Tips

Popular and modern new-age kitchen appliances such as halogen hobs and ovens generate extreme heat instantly. These ovens radiate heat through bursts of red light and halogen then spreads the heat through the air pressure. In some equipment, the halogen heat is transferred throughout the oven or the hob, cooking the food directly and evenly […]