Best Halogen Heaters- All You Need To Know

When it comes to energy-efficient space heaters, there is hardly anything that can beat halogen heaters.

Besides being energy-efficient, there are many other benefits of Halogen heaters. There are various models of this device in the market that are cost-efficient, easy to use and perfect for cold temperatures.

If you are wondering about the best halogen heaters available in the market today, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the top-selling heaters with prices and details.

Best Halogen Heaters of 2022

1. Comfort Zone Flat Panel Halogen Heater

Comfort Zone CZHTV9 Oscillating Electric Halogen Radiant Heater
Comfort Zone Oscillating Electric Halogen Radiant Heater

This simplistic electric halogen heater is one of the best you can find in the market. It is suitable for use in homes and workplaces. It comes with two different heat settings so that you get to choose the temperature ideal for you. Along with that, you get an oscillation setting that lets the heater move to a 70-degree angle. 


  • Slim and stylish design
  • Oscillation function adjustable at high and low speeds
  • Two heat settings for temperature adjustment
  • Smart protection features like the overheat protection system and the tip-over switch

Price: Check on Amazon

2. TRUSTECH Electric Outdoor Heater 

TRUSTECH Electric Outdoor Heater - Halogen Patio Heater
TRUSTECH Electric Outdoor – Halogen Patio Heater

If you are looking for a convenient and easy to handle appliance that can keep your homes and workplaces cozy and warm, this is an excellent option for you.

It is easy to assemble and function. It is energy efficient compared to other heaters in the market. Besides using it for your indoor settings, you can use it for outdoor heating as well.

Many people use them because of the stand that allows the option to have heating from overhead. Another option is to get ceiling or recessed heaters if you have the budget.


  • Adjustable heating levels
  • Instant heat mechanism
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble

Price: Check on Amazon

3. Comfort Zone Electric Oscillating Radiant Dish Heater

Comfort Zone CZ998 Electric Oscillating Radiant Dish Heater
Comfort Zone Electric Oscillating Dish Heater

If you are looking for an appliance that gives you high value for money, this one is ideal for you. With adjustable heat outputs and a powerful 14″ dish reflector, this machine efficiently circulates heated up air throughout the room. Within a few minutes of turning it on, you will start feeling the comfort and the warmth radiating from the machine.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Adjustable tilt for better control
  • Suitable for heating small rooms
  • Two heat settings for temperature adjustment

Price: Check on Amazon

4. Gorilla Gadgets Electric Patio Quartz Heater with Remote Control

COSTWAY Electric Patio Quartz Heater with Remote Control
Gorilla Gadgets Patio Quartz Heater with Remote Control

As the name suggests, this electric heater is designed to heat patio seating areas. With this appliance around, you can create the perfect environment for socializing during the early spring and winter seasons.

This halogen patio quartz heater by COSTWAY is one of the best choices for people looking for an appliance that can make their outdoor gatherings warm and comfy.


  • Super high 1500 watt heat output
  • Remote control for ease of use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use

Price: Check on Amazon

5. Marko Portable Halogen Electric Heater 1.2kW

Marko Electrical Portable Halogen Electric Heater
Portable Halogen Electric Heater for Home Office

This portable, halogen electric heater is quite easy to use. It comes with three heat settings – 400W, 800W and 1200W. The oscillating function in this heater makes it very useful. The auto cut-out feature makes this appliance safe and prevents any kind of accident due to mishandling of any sort.


  • Tilting auto cut-out feature
  • Three power options
  • Convenient oscillating function
  • Heat output of 400W/800W/1200W

Price: $20.10

6. Lloytron F2104GR

Lloytron 4 Bar Halogen Heater
Lloytron 4 Bar Halogen Heater

The Lloytron F2104GR halogen heater comes with four heat settings that let you control the temperature around you.

The 70 degrees oscillating function makes it convenient to spread the heat all around the space. It is one of the most energy-efficient models you can find in the mid-price range.


  • 70 degrees oscillating function
  • Auto safety cut off
  • Tip-over switch
  • Carrying handle

Price: Check on Amazon

7. Beldray EH0197SSTK Portable Halogen Heater

Beldray Portable Halogen Heater, Single

This 1200W heater is one of the most highly rated heaters on Amazon. It uses infrared heating technology to heat specific regions in the room. This helps in reducing the use of energy for functioning this appliance. It is lightweight and portable. You can take it to any place in the house and heat it up quickly. 


  • Three heat settings
  • Infrared heating technology
  • Thermal cut-out to switch off the device when not in use
  • Easy to carry around

Price: $37.69

8. Warmlite WL42005N Three Bar Halogen Heater

This heater from Warmlite comes with three heat settings. It is so compact and lightweight that you can carry in around the house or place it outdoors wherever you want to. It instantly warms up the place with its highly efficient halogen bulbs. Investing in this appliance for the cold mid-spring and winter season is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


  • Wide-angle oscillation
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Safety cut-out and tip over switches
  • Topple resistant base

Price: $ 25

9. Prolectrix EH0197S Halogen Heater

Prolectrix Halogen Heater
Prolectrix Halogen Heater

This is a small portable heater that has quite a good number of positive reviews on Amazon. It is useful to heat up a particular spot in the room. The sturdy handles make it safe to carry around the house. It also has some of the best safety features that you would want from a heating device. The portability and compact design of this appliance are two of the most prominent features of this appliance. 


  • Infrared heating technology
  • Three heat settings for better temperature control
  • Tip over switch
  • Easy to carry around

Price: $14

10. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Heater

Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater
Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater

Equipped with two quartz bulbs and a couple of smart features, the Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Heater is the most unique one on our list. It is a heater that has to be mounted on the ceiling of the room. One drawback of this unit is that it doesn’t oscillate. This makes it essential for you to decide the right place to set up the appliance.


  • Emits sufficient heat for both living spaces and workspaces
  • Automatic turn off when overheated
  • 90 degree tilt feature
  • Built-in halogen light

Price: $47.99

If you want to understand further about what Halogen Heaters are, what are its health risks etc do read this article.

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