Everything You Need To Know About ARGO Halogen Heaters

Argo halogen heaters are amongst the top-of-the-line products when it comes to sustainability. Their great design, attention to space management and requirements, and use of energy-saving technologies make them one of the best in their field.

Argo Drum Halogen Stove

Drum Halogen heater is the latest addition to their line of top-quality halogen heaters. Calorella I200s, Caldofai I200gr, and House are some of their best halogen heaters.

Drum is a practically safe, easy to use, halogen stove with elegant finishes and its sophisticated design with metal protection grid, overheating safety device, and anti tilting safety device make it one of the best halogen heaters. It is available in anthracite gray color which appeals to modern interior designs. It has several other remarkable features aimed at positive environmental impact.


Weight – 2.4 kg

Dimensions – 740 mm, 380 mm, 250 mm

Halogen bulbs – 2

Suitable Volume – 40m3

Suitable Area capacity – 11 square metres

Heating modes – Eco and Comfort

Power levels – 2

Power consumption – 500/1000 W

Color –  Anthracite gray


  • It has metal protective grille, two halogen bulbs, built in handle and stylish design with metallic finish.
  • Extensive swiveling angle of 70°
  • Overheating safety device and anti tilting safety device
  • Two heating modes – Eco and Comfort


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Automatic shutdown to prevent overturning
  • Safety device that prevents overheating
  • Practical, easy to assemble, and use
  • The Eco mode minimizes electricity consumption

Best features of Argo Halogen Heaters 

We have discussed the best features of Argo halogen heaters at length, with special reference to the Drum Halogen Stove, for a better judgment on your end.


All ArgoClima halogen heaters offer great performance catering to space/room orientation. Argo Drum Halogen Stove, like the majority of the brand’s other halogen heaters, is able to radiate heat in a room or space with a volume of cubic meters or an area of 11 square meters.

In addition to this, to facilitate the wider spread of heat, Drum is designed to increase its radiant properties by oscillating its halogen lamps at a swiveling angle of 70 degrees. Thus, ArgoClima halogen heaters are ideal to radiate heat in small to medium-sized rooms.


Argo halogen heaters outperform other run of the mill alternatives in the market in terms of safety features. The ‘Drum’ is equipped with a classic metal protection grid that easily passes heat but doesn’t come directly in contact with halogen lamps.

In addition to this, the anti overheating safety device is designed to monitor the degree of heat and block radiance when it reaches a temperature too high that could possibly damage the structure. Apart from that the anti-tip technology allows the halogen stove to shut down automatically if it accidentally falls.

Power Consumption

Almost all halogen heaters by Argo come with dual power modes – Eco and Comfort. These modes allow the two halogen lamps to be used at different power levels to save electricity consumption without using it at maximum power.

For instance, in Drum Halogen Stove, the Eco mode is meant to ignite using only one lamp with a total power consumption of 500W. Whereas, the Comfort mode exploits both the lamps for a total consumption of 1000W. To switch between the two modes, you can make use of the intuitive control panel located on the back of the device.

The maximum power consumption of 1000W allows the stove to heat quickly, radiating a good amount of heat in less time, thereby saving electricity cost and power consumption. Check out our article on halogen heater running cost to learn more.

Why is Argo Better than other Brands?

What makes Argo better than other brands is its approach to sustainability. As their logo suggests “improve your life”, Argo is keen on paying attention to the environment while making lives better. Apart from heaters, Argo manufactures a wide range of aesthetically appealing, classic products from air conditioners to heaters, stoves, and more.

They offer products aimed at low electricity consumption and reduced carbon footprint. The halogen heater by Argo is one such example of their efficient products that not only perform exceptionally well, but also enhances the aesthetics of any space with its sleek design and stylish look.

Argo vs Other Halogen Heaters


Argo halogen heaters are designed with special consideration to the space requirements. With dimensions of 730 mm by 380 mm, it is easily adjustable. In comparison to other halogen heaters, it is made to radiate heat for an area of about 12 square meters.

Auto Shutdown

The best thing about Argo Drum Halogen heater is its auto shutdown feature. You don’t have to worry about the heater falling on the ground because all Argo halogen heaters are equipped with an auto shutdown feature. Also, the metallic grid offers protection against the possibilities of inflammation.

Eco Friendly

With regards to sustainability, Argo halogen heaters inarguably set the bar high. With two heating modes, their halogen heaters offer the flexibility to switch easily depending upon the amount of warmth you need to combat the cold. The eco-friendly technology supports the less consumption of electricity and consequently gives you the advantage of lower bill costs as compared to other halogen heaters.

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