Best Halogen Patio Heaters

Why are they called Halogen Heaters?

Halogen is not the main heating element because halogen gases are used to increase the brightness and lifespan, and prevent darkening of the bulb. This is why they are called halogen heaters. As compared to other heaters, they can operate at high temperatures for outdoor intimate areas. 

What makes Halogen Patio Heaters ideal for Outdoor Use?

Outdoor halogen heaters have the ability to generate high levels of heat. The tendency of lamps to increase brightness makes them ideal for different types of outdoor environments. 

Also, they are mobile heaters which mean halogen patio heaters are lightweight and portable. They are meant to provide instant heat when switched on. Thus, for small outdoor areas such as patio, terrace, balcony, or garden, outdoor halogen heaters are the best.


  • An outdoor halogen heater is meant to heat small areas instantly, so it consumes less energy. 
  • A halogen heater does not heat itself, which makes it a safe option for most environments.
  • It is environmentally friendly because it does not release smoke. No carbon monoxides are released from a halogen patio heater into the environment.
  • They are easy to install and carry.

List of Best Outdoor/Patio Halogen Heaters

Based on performance, durability, heating ability, ratings, and budget, we have compiled a list of best halogen patio heaters. 

1. Sundate Halogen Patio Heater

Price- $139.99

It is one of the best free standing outdoor halogen heaters. The sleek design adds beauty to the outdoor spaces. It is as efficient in design as it is in providing warm heat at a power of 1500 W. It has a durable structure made with premium iron materials.

Moreover, Sundate free standing halogen heater comes with advanced technology using 3 halogen tubes to provide maximum amount of heat. Apart from that, it is also dust-proof and weatherproof.

2. La Hacienda Hanging Halogen Heater

Price- $169.99

This is another best outdoor halogen heater on our list with superb design and amazing features. Whether you want to spend long nights on the patio or host garden parties, this unobtrusive, well designed halogen heater provides up to 5000 hours lamp life

It is efficient because it starts heating as soon as it’s switched on. Moreover, it features IP24 waterproof grade, halogen lamp, and soft light touch switch. In a nutshell, it is a silent, safe, and energy efficient, aesthetically appealing halogen patio heater. 

3. WDERNI Electric Heater

Price- $169.99

This electric heater from WDERNI is ideal for gardens, patios, garages, and barbecue areas. One of the best outdoor halogen heaters, it features halogen fire tubes, tip over shut-off, and three power levels at 500W, 1000W, and 1500W

It is a waterproof space heater with overheat protection and 25° tip over protection. Another great thing about this courtyard heater is its 5.9 ft long cord. 

It requires partial assembly. The structure features a stable counterweight base, three tube heat radiation top, fixed support node, and a top lift knob. Overall, it is a safe, secure, and an energy efficient outdoor heater with adjustable power modes.

4. Wall-Mounted Electric Heater by ART TO REAL

Price- $259.99

If you are looking for a wall mounted outdoor heater, this is among the best with 1500W power. It warms up space quickly within three seconds. This wall mounted space heater is odorless, chemical and fume free, making it a safe, energy efficient option. 

It provides a heating lifespan of 5000 hours and overheating protection. It is constructed from advanced grade stainless steel, alloy, and IPX4 waterproof protection to survive the harshest of environments.

Apart from that, it features remote controller, timer, LED indicator light, and multiple angle adjustable brackets. It is ideal for patios, pergolas, a garage, verandah, restaurants, cafe, showroom, halls, outdoor dining area, and more.

Facts about Halogen Patio Heaters

Here are a few lesser known facts about halogen patio heaters and how are they different from regular heaters?

  • Halogen patio heaters are safe for a human body as a heating device as compared to other heaters.
  • In a halogen heater, halogen gas is used to increase the light and temperature output of the lamp.
  • These heaters are different from regular heaters that use heating coils to produce heat because they use halogen elements enclosed in a bulb or lamp to provide radiant heat or energy.
  • Halogen patio heaters come in different shapes and sizes depending on their function. They are designed accordingly with the ability to heat a small or large space.
  • They are known to conserve 85% of all the input power by converting it into radiant heat. Thus, halogen heaters are energy efficient when compared to other electric heaters.
  • Moreover, these heaters are environmentally friendly as they produce Eco friendly heat that does not pollute the air with fumes or smoke.

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