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Recessed Heaters

Recessed heaters are outdoor heating systems built into walls or ceilings. Recessed heaters are known for being energy efficient and for having a streamlined look. In addition, the average recessed heater employs infrared technology in their design, creating avenues for direct heating. What Is A Recessed Heater? A recessed heater is one that generated heat […]

Dangers of Cooking with Halogen Heat – Risks, Safety Tips

Popular and modern new-age kitchen appliances such as halogen hobs and oven generate extreme heat instantly. These ovens radiate heat through bursts of red light and halogen then spreads the heat through the air pressure. In some equipment’s, the halogen heat is transferred throughout the oven or the hob, cooking the food directly and evenly…

Difference between Quartz Heaters and Halogen Heaters

Quartz heaters and halogen heaters are the two most popular heating options for the winter in most parts of the world. Both these devices are radiation-based. While both have a lot in similar, there are certain differences between the two that make one more preferable. So, what are these differences that we are talking about? […]

Quartz Heaters – How Quartz Heating Works

The process of heating an object by radiative heat transfer is known as infrared heating. Infrrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a frequency below visible light. An electric heating element produces the heat and light from the infrared energy spectrum, which is subsequently transferred to the target object. William Herschel discovered infrared heat […]