Recessed Heaters

Recessed heaters are outdoor heating systems built into walls or ceilings. Recessed heaters are known for being energy efficient and for having a streamlined look. In addition, the average recessed heater employs infrared technology in their design, creating avenues for direct heating.

What Is A Recessed Heater?

A recessed heater is one that generated heat forced by a fan and is activated by a timer. They also have a slim design and are often installed in the ceiling. When installed, their visible depth should only be about 5 cm (2 in).

These heaters can be of almost any time including halogen, oil, fan or quartz heaters. For a complete ceiling heating solution, you can even get awning infrared heaters.

Recessed Ceiling Heaters

Recessed ceiling heaters are designed to be built into ceilings, specifically non-sloped ceilings. This system heats the room from the top to the bottom. It is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.

Recessed Ceiling Heaters

They can be installed as the primary or supplementary heating in shops, reception areas and offices. Locating the units in positions of greatest heat loss gives an easy solution to uneven heating of open plan areas.

Advantages Of Recessed Ceiling Heaters

Recessed ceiling heaters are modern heaters designed for comfort, efficiency, and safety. There are numerous advantages of owning a recessed ceiling heater.

Outlined below are some of the advantages of using a recessed ceiling heater:

  • This system does not require blowers or vents. The only equipment required is to have radiant elements installed in the ceiling.
  • Since there is no need for vents, blowers, or fans to circulate the heat with a recessed heat ceiling, these components will not need maintenance. This will save you time and money.
  • This also eliminates the need for filters. Saving you both the additional cost of filters and the time changing them every month.
  • Recessed heater systems do not use air in the same way that a more traditional type of heating system does. The only air that is used is the air inside the interior space that is heated by radiant heat. By heating in this way, drafts do not form and less dust and pollen circulate within the home.
  • This type of heating system also makes a good choice for less insulated and open-air areas such as gazebos, log homes, stables, and porches.

What Is A Wall Heater?

Wall heaters are heating units that are installed in or attached directly to a wall. They are most commonly used in studio apartments, compact living spaces, and smaller offices.

wall heaters

They generate a good amount of heat suitable for keeping small areas warm yet don’t take up valuable floor space.

The wall heater was derived from the radiator. Radiators used boilers to heat water that flowed through the pipes of homes and apartment buildings. The water pipes led to radiator units made from cast iron, in turn heating the space

Advantages of Recessed Wall Heaters

There are a number of reasons why individuals would benefit from a recessed wall heater. Here are six main benefits you will get immediately.

  • Starts Working Quickly: Many of these units will heat up within 60-120 seconds, providing fast and efficient heat when you need it the most.
  • Perfect for Supplemental Heating: Wall heaters are also a great tool to use for supplemental heating. This strategy consists of using a low-cost heating device that uses minimal electricity to warm up the area you’re currently residing in instead of heating up your entire home.
  • Keeps You Warm For Hours: Another great benefit is that the heat from wall heaters typically lasts for hours, even after the unit has been turned off.
  • Save Space: Because they are directly attached to a wall, they leave you with more floor space.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain: Wall heaters are easy to install and replace, and repairs are typically minimal. Installation generally is very easy.

Health Concerns Associated with Recessed Wall Heaters

  • Wall heaters allow for additional space and optimal heat, but there are also certain safety concerns regarding these affordable and convenient units. While electric wall heaters do not use gas, chemicals or flames, the risk lies in the heated coils
  • It is always important to leave optimal space around the general area of the wall heater as well as to keep the area free of combustible objects, such as curtains or paper products, as well as flammable liquids, which would include air fresheners and cleaning products.
  • Furniture placement also is important in regards to wall heaters. When upholstered chairs or couches are placed directly in front of the unit, the risk for fire is higher. This is due to the fact that the outflow of heat becomes trapped in a small area, and the heat build-up often leads to the upholstery sparking and catching fire.
  • On top of the fire risk, you also want to avoid putting furniture directly in front of the wall unit, because it could limit the amount of space that is receiving the heat. Based on the same principles, you also want to make sure that your unit is not mounted anywhere near Curtains.

Recessed Hydronic Wall Heaters

As the name suggests, this type of radiant system uses water to help with heating. The water is heated in a boiler. Then the water flows from pipes or tubes throughout the rooms to be heated. This type of system is especially popular under roads where the winters are harsh.

Recessed Gas Wall Heaters

Gas heaters are installed directly on the walls, allowing for free-flowing heat. Gas heaters are lit from the bottom using a pilot light. They are a low-cost alternative to electric wall heaters.

Early gas wall heaters required a ventilation system, but the ventless gas wall heater was invented later to eliminate the additional ventilation that posed problems for some people.

While bathroom heaters are turned on and off with a basic switch, wall heaters in homes and apartments typically include a temperature dial, allowing for simple temperature control.

Recessed Infra-tech Heaters

Even though Infra-tech heaters (depending on the size) have quite a large heating radius, you will get optimum usage from the unit if you are sitting underneath or around the area where the heaters have been installed.

Because of the advanced technology of Infra-tech infrared quartz heating, this style of radiant heat warms objects e.g. people and furniture. However, it does not simply rise and heat the air as many heating products do, so it is important to design the entertaining area accordingly.

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