Difference between Quartz Heaters and Halogen Heaters

Quartz heaters and halogen heaters are the two most popular heating options for the winter in most parts of the world. Both these devices are radiation-based. While both have a lot in similar, there are certain differences between the two that make one more preferable.

So, what are these differences that we are talking about? Read on to find out.

Quartz Heaters Vs. Halogen Heaters



Quartz heaters are basically a type of infrared heater. The system consists of a twisted cylinder equipped with argon and mercury. On switching on the heater, the tungsten electrode present in the lamp mix with the chemicals inside to generate light. This light produced is bright in color.

Quartz heating is also referred to as infrared heating. In this type of heating, infrared radiations are used to heat the surface of objects. The heat produced through this heater can pass through a vacuum of space. They are convenient for space heating. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

How does a quartz heater work?

In quartz heating, the heating element becomes hot, resulting in a build-up of heat in the quartz tube. The infrared heat coming from this device is considered to be suited for the human body. The infrared spectrum is totally outside the spectrum of air. Hence, the heat emitted gets directly absorbed by the people and the objects near the device.


Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters come with incandescent lamps filled with halogen gas. These infrared heaters emit less Ultraviolet Rays (UV rays) compared to other types of heaters. They are energy-efficient and budget-friendly. Their lifespan is considerably longer than quartz heaters. This is because of the use of halogen gas.

The halogen gas keeps the tungsten intact into the filament. This leads to the higher efficiency of the device. The interesting thing here is that most people consider halogen to be the source of heat. Well, this is not the case. It is just a component used in this infrared heater to extend the life of the bulb. This component makes it possible to operate the heater at a higher temperature. The heat produced from this device is much warmer than the other heaters.

How does a Halogen heater work?

These heaters use halogen elements that work as a source of direct radiant heat and energy. There are two main types of halogen heaters and there is a minor difference in the way they function. There are Oscillating heaters where the air is propelled within the heating system through a fan. Once the air gets heated, it is blown out of the system. The other type of heater discharges heated air from the system using a blower.

What is common between quartz heaters and halogen heaters?

If you have read the above paragraphs carefully, you must have noticed that both the types of heaters are infrared heaters. They function by radiating their heat onto the objects and people around them.

Both these heaters use tungsten as the filament. In halogen heaters, the filament is surrounded by halogen gas to extend the lifespan of the bulb. In quartz heaters, the tungsten filament is enclosed by quartz to prevent the bulb from getting melted.

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