Best Pan Sets for Ceramic Hobs

Halogen hobs usually have Ceramic surfaces which are easy to clean, but also very delicate. It’s easy to scratch if you use the wrong utensils. If you have recently started using your new ceramic halogen hob, you should definitely buy the right appliances to keep it shiny and tidy.

In this blog, we will tell you how to choose the best pans for ceramic hobs and also recommend the best ones on the market.

Choosing the right Pans for Ceramic Hob

Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of pans for ceramic hob-

1. Pan should have a flat bottom.

The pan should be in direct contact with the ceramic hob to heat up properly, so it is necessary that the bottom of the pan be flat for best results.

2. Use Aluminum or Stainless-Steel Pans. 

The pans should have a heavy-gauge coating of aluminum or anodized stainless-steel, since they conduct heat really well and does not scratch or harm the ceramic surface.

3. Make use of Heavy Pans. 

Looking at the delicacy of the ceramic hobs, people usually hesitate to use heavy pans on ceramic hobs. But it is absolutely fine to use them as long you place them at the right hob carefully. The ceramic surface is quite tough and won’t beak because of the pan’s weight.

Pans to AVOID

1. Avoid Glass, Ceramic & Stoneware.

These materials do not conduct heat well and have the tendency to break easily.

2. Avoid Cast Iron.

Cast iron is rough, tough and heavy which has the tendency to easily scratch and damage the ceramic hob.


Do not get confused between Ceramic and Induction hobs. Many, but not all ceramic hobs are induction hobs. Check properly before buying the suitable pans. If you have an induction hob, you should only go for utensils which have a magnetic bottom. Copper, aluminum and stainless-steel are not the right options and won’t work on induction hobs.

Measuring the Pan

To measure the diameter i.e. distance from one side to the other of a pan, measure the outer edges rather than the internal cooking space.

This means that a 24 cm frying pan may have internal cooking space of 20 cm if the outer edges are not taken into account.

Best Pan Sets for Ceramic Hobs

1. Stellar 5 Piece Saucepan Set

Bristol designed Stellar 7000 pans are highly recommended for ceramic hobs.

It is a set of 5 stainless-steel pans which are suitable for ceramic as well as induction tops.


  • 14 cm milk pan
  • 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm draining saucepans
  • 26 cm non-stick frying pan


  • Perforated lid sides allowing draining safely without wastage of food
  • They have internal measuring guides. Measuring quantities separately not required.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe- up to 210 degrees
  • Handles do not get hot
  • Classy, well-made with a lifetime warranty

2. Circulon Infinite Saucepans and Frypans

Leading innovators of non-stick cookware, this 5-piece pan set are made of PFOA-free-non-stick materials.


  • 16 cm, 18 cm & 20 cm saucepans with stainless-steel lids.
  • 20 cm & 24 cm skillets/frying pans.


  • Oven safe- up tp 240 degrees.
  • Hi-Low wave technology, protecting the base from any potential damage.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Easy to clean.

3. John Lewis & Partners Classic Pan Set

If you are looking to buy something that has high quality, reliability, good return and a warranty policy, you should definitely go for this pan set.


  • 14 cm milk pan
  • 16 cm & 18 cm saucepans with lids
  • 24 cm & 28 cm frying pans


  • Dishwasher safer
  • Oven safe- up to 180 degrees
  • Non-stick coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy, not heavy
  • Quite expensive

Taking Care of Ceramic Hob

Check out these tips for keeping your ceramic hob and surface sleek, shiny and scratch-free.

  • Ensure that the bottom of the pans is completely dry before use.
  • Avoid overfilling the pans.
  • Clean the spillage immediately. Wipe the hob dry if the pan overflows. This prevents marks to toughen up and it’s easier to remove in the future.
  • Clean the ceramic hob after every cook.
  • Avoid scrubbing the hob with a cleaning agent. Use a soft dry cloth instead.
  • To clean the hob, use a ceramic glass cleaner to clean hard-to-remove marks.

Final Thoughts

The combination of the right pans with proper and regular cleaning will keep your ceramic hob new as ever, scratch-free and spotless.

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