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Difference Between Halogen And Ceramic Hob

Buying a ceramic hob or a halogen hob requires you to study them thoroughly first. Hob types differ in how they function and what they are made of. Modern hobs allow for seamless integration into your kitchen countertop, unlike stoves. The multi-flame burners of these units give users various ways of controlling their heat. Unlike […]

Halogen Heaters Running Costs

Electric heating has evolved enormously in recent years. Today, heaters consume much less energy. It is also a guarantee of thermal comfort. Thanks to contemporary technologies and home automation, consumers also have an excellent way to control their heating with precision and to monitor their consumption in real-time. One of the biggest concerns of users […]

Best Heater: Oil Heater vs. Fan Heater vs. Halogen or Quartz Heater

Winter knocking on our doors, calls for an efficient and effective room heater to keep you and your surroundings warm & cozy. If you are looking for a heater for your office, room or clinic, we have the best three options for you- Oil Heaters, Fan Heaters & Halogen or Quartz Heaters. So, which one is […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Halogen Heaters

The halogen heater is an invention that produces heat by using halogen gas. Heat energy is produced using coils and filaments like typical light bulbs. However, halogen gas is enclosed within the heaters to supply an immediate source of radiant heat whilst simultaneously enhancing the longevity and boosting the lifespan of the heater. Despite the […]